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Our CIPD Qualified HR Services

Find out the consultancy services that Everything HR N People offer to the whole of the UK from our Birmingham base

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HR consultancy your way

We want to create a service that is as personalised to your business as possible and will always be on hand to help with guidance, support and expert advice at every stage. Wherever you are in the UK, from our base in Birmingham we can provide advice about all aspects of HR and personnel, to find out how you can use HR and personnel in the most effective way possible, to your advantage and to the benefit of your business.

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Our process

When you get in touch with us, we’ll discuss your requirements, and you can let us know exactly which areas of HR and personnel you need assistance with. We’ll be able to work with you to create the best solutions for your business, and can address any issues that you may have, and together we’ll be able to find what works best for you and your business. Our prices start at £2000 + VAT, and we can create a programme tailored to you.

Great for you, great for your employees

 From making sure that your policies are compliant within the law to providing day-to-day guidance and support and coming up with an HR and personnel strategy for your business, we can support you with all aspects of HR. We can provide all of the professionalism of a HR department without the costs and with a CIPD qualified consultancy.


What is great for your business about the approach at Everything HR N People is that whatever you have in mind, we can create a HR and personnel system that works. Not only will our services help your business but will help the employees that keep it running and ensure that all the procedures that you have in place are showing due diligence to your employees.

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Start your journey with us

If you want a CIPD qualified HR consultancy behind your business, wherever you are in the UK, get in touch with us in Birmingham for a consultation to tell us about your requirements.

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